Friday, 18 February 2011

Ulster Guides Training Day

We had a very enjoyable day with the Adult Instructors from Girl Guiding Ulster at their Headquarters at Lorne House where we continued with a series of training days where we are helping to develop their Bushcraft skills.
The theme of the days training was Wild Meat and it's preparation. To coin a phrase from Respected Bushcraft Instructor, Patrick McGlinchey, we wanted to provide "Something from the Land, the Air and the Water". To this end, we had Rabbit, Pheasant and Trout for the students to work with. After getting a long log fire going, we proceeded with a talk about the importance of meat in the survival diet and then got stuck into the preparation of the wild meat.

Gary demonstrates preparation of the Pheasants and the Rabbits

Paul showing how to Ponasse the Trout

Some of the Game available on the day.

Setting of the Long Log fire

Gary "Drawing" a Pheasant. This is where the bird's internals are removed.

Davy showing how a Figure 4 Dead-fall trap works.

Unfortunately, at the moment, I am having a few problems uploading additional pictures. When the problem is resolved, I'll add some more images from what was a really enjoyable day.


  1. Looks like a worthwhile event.

  2. It was very worthwhile Andy. The Guide leaders really enjoyed it and were able to take a lot from the day that they will hopefully pass on to the kids.