Monday, 10 January 2011

More Tracks in the snow

After another plump of snow hits the countryside Davy K. used it to full advantage getting some more cracker shots of animal tracks. As Davy has shown and is a very good idea, is to carry a small measuring device that can be placed beside the track for reference of size as this can help to id the sex and size of the animal that left the tracks.

A lovely shot of a typical Fox track pattern.

Nice close up showing the size against a tape measure.

Slightly deeper snow this is evident by the slight dragging marks where the Fox has made contact with the snow surface while lifting its legs.

Another close up from a different angle you can make out the nail marks which are just one difference between a domestic dog and a fox. A dogs nails are so worn due to walking on the hard surfaces where as a Foxes rarely wear to this degree which make them prominent in a track.

Another nice close up showing a distinct pad pattern.

These tracks are made by a rodent most people dont like Rattus norvegicus or the brown rat. You can tell the difference between the front and hind feet of a rodent.  The hind feet have 5 toes the 3 middle being bunched and parallel where as the front feet have 4 toes each equally spaced apart.

Another shot of rat tracks. You can make out the drag mark which is caused by the tail.

Here is a very good example of a rat hind print in mud showing the 5 toes, 3 central toes bunched and equally spaced.

Track Photos by david Kennedy


  1. I have always loved following & identifying tracks since I was a kid, and finding tracks in the snow is easy and great fun.

  2. A guy can learn a lot from a fresh snow.

  3. Well done Davy, Excellent pictures.

  4. Cheers guys, just booked shadowhawk, its gonna be a good year!!!