Monday, 7 March 2011

Bushcraft Weekend overnighter

A few of us decided to stay out at the weekend. It was a time to meet up with friends old and new and have a bit of craic. It was a nice relaxing weekend but we still managed to practice some skills. We did some carving work and a burnt out wooden cup and a couple of impressive flutes appeared. We had a forage on the sea shore, and a forage on the land gathering limpets, Ramsons (wild Garlic) hogweed and sorrel for  our dinner. We set some night lines for fish and put in a tap for some birch sap which would hopefully be the makings of our breakfast the next morning. We also did some  flint knapping. It was a really enjoyable weekend made especially good by the company and a lot of laughter emanated  from our camp as the stories flew. Here are a few of the picts we took enjoy!

Evenings food cooking.

Mr Miniss in bed with a contented look on his face even though he had the flu!

Some of the early morning sights in Carnfunnock.

Foraged food

Stuarts wild Garlic butter, you have seen it here first!

Foraged Limpets sauteing in Stuarts Wild Garlic butter!

Captured Chorizo sausages(very hard to catch) and Stuarts Wild Garlic Butter Limpets.

Andy savoring the aroma of Stuarts Wild Garlic butter limpets!

Stuart enjoying the fruits of his labour.

Anto unsure but having a taste.

Anto ensnares Stuart with his pheasant berry stalk flute music.

Soon we are all under his spell!

So there is nothing for it but a bit of musical fox walking!

A great weekend was had by all heres to many more like it to come cheers lads!


  1. Being the old geezer I am (and long married and domesticated), I'm just an armchair camper anymore. It looks like a good time, though.

  2. Looks like you had a hoot after I went home. Hopefully next time I'll be feeling a bit better and be able to stay longer.

  3. Looks like a great time!!

  4. I just found your blog today!
    Looks like fun :)

  5. Looks like I picked a bad weekend to have a cold.

  6. That andy guy is incredibly handsome. Can i have his number?