Tuesday, 4 January 2011

New Year Meet Up

We organised a New Year Meet up on the 2nd of January 2011 at Carnfunnock Country Park, enjoying a winter walk and trying to ID plants and trees without their usual coat of leaves and fruit etc. On returning to camp, everyone carved feather sticks which we lit using only Firesteels (Fero Rods)
We then set everyone a fire challenge, where they had 15 minutes to gather materials and light a fire using only flint and steel to light their fire. We finished off by doing some flint knapping. Here's a few pictures from the day.

Phil Maxwell Lighting cat tail seed with his firesteel (Fero rod)

Chris Tweed kindly brought along a Lawson hammock for us to look at.

Chris and Cheryl putting the Hammock up

Paul and Chris discussing the merits of the Lawson system in comparison to the Hennessy and DD hammocks

Paul relaxing in the Lawson Hammock

Davy Kennedy's Demo fish hook

Neil blowing wind dried grass to flame

Fire going. Notice the carefully graded sequence to the fire lighting materials

Smoke gets in your eyes!. It sure does here anyway, with the smoke seeming to only go into Phil's face!

Materials graded, Phil sets about coaxing the fire to life.


Davy's fire getting established

Cheryl using a dry flower head as her tinder. It worked extremely well.

More success

Davy contemplating the shape of the ladle he want's to carve!!

Bamboo shaving.


  1. Was a great day out, good to meet you guys again also to see a few new faces. Particularly liked the flint work so making myself a pressure flaking set at the min too. Gary like the ladle photo you got my good side! Must send you a pic of it so far just need my knives now to start and carve the bowl

  2. Our meets are going from strength to strength now. Lots of learning and proper participation from an interested and interesting group makes all the difference. Here's to the next one which will be very soon and hopefully we will see some more new faces around our campfire. Thanks to all who came and to those who couldn't make it stay tuned the next one is on it's way soon!