Friday, 3 December 2010

About the NIBA

Founded in 2008 our aim is to promote and share Bushcraft and Wilderness living skills with like-minded people. We are not a group of survivalists who think the world is ending tomorrow nor are we tree-hugging romantics, who dream about the outdoors from the comfort of an armchair. We are a practical back to basics group who understand the need to keep alive skills, traditions and crafts which are fast becoming lost in our modern world. Our motto is "Improving our future by learning from our past"; if we forget the skills that got us here what we learn from now on will be worthless. We offer nothing more than skills, friendship education and enjoyment in the great outdoors. We organize and run bushcraft courses at Carnfunnock country Park in Larne. So if you are interested in Bushcraft and wilderness living, or have watched Ray Mears on telly and thought I would like to try that, then contact us at our email address. Experience is no obstacle in bushcraft as there are no experts only students.

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