Friday, 3 December 2010

The Cabin in The Woods

December really is a season of change. The cold really starts to become noticable and Bushcraft tasks become more challenging as a result. That is unless you have the use of a Cabin. It started off after meeting with family from East Antrim area at the Autumfest event.  After i bored them to death about Bushcraft the environment and the wonders of bow drill, they invited us to use what they described as a their small wood. So we set off one Sunday for a look. Meeting up with our friends we were given the tour. 

The area is mainly hazel and birch woodland but what it lacks in tree species it more than makes up for in wild plants. I dont know about Gary but i got more and more excited with every step, it is a real gem of a permission. Just when we thought it couldnt get any better we rounded a corner and there in front of us was a log cabin!
The cabin has a porch area, a kitchen living area and 2 overhead cot areas big enough to sleep 6 people. It is heated by a pot belly wood burning stove and looks like something you would expect to see in canada or Sweden. 

Carving a Kuksa on the Porch     

Cabin rustic central heating!

Well as if that wasnt enough at the side of the Cabin, sunk into a raised deck area is an outdoor wood powered HOT TUB!

All this and magnificent view to wake up to as well!

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