Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Tracking in the snow

We took a walk up to Ballyboley forest outside of Larne and found it to be a real Winter wonderland. There were numerous tracks in the snow along with feeding sign and scat of different animals. Here are some pictures of the day out.

 Rabbit tracks in the woods.

 Rabbit tracks in the woods

 Close up of Rabbit tracks there are 2 sets of prints here.

 Rabbit tracks in the Woods.

 The brown stain in the middle is caused by the Rabbit urinating.

 Feeding sign on an exposed heather bush.

 Rabbit tracks on a frozen fire dam.

 Rabbit tracks on a frozen fire dam.

 The reddish coloration is where Rabbits have stripped the bark off this hawthorn.

 This is where a Rabbit had used this abandoned drainage pipe as shelter, tracks led in and out . There was also some Rabbit dung (scat) left behind.

 Rabbit tracks leaving the pipe.

 Tracks and feeding sign on another Hawthorn.

 Tracks and feeding sign on another Hawthorn.

 The frozen reservoir.

 Grey Squirrel tracks.

Rabbit and Grey Squirrel tracks leading to a food store.

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